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Napolitano Proverbs in Italian and English | Print |  E-mail
Written by Larry Aiello   
Sunday, 30 December 2012 22:22

Here are some more proverbs in Napolitano - the strong southern dialect which is practiced in southern Italy around the city of Naples and the Campania region.



First proverb in Napolitano:
'A bella figliòla nun manca 'nnammurato.

Second proverb in Napolitano:
'A bella nchiàzza dint' a casa è sciàzza.

The Italian translation for the first proverb:
Le belle donne hanno sempre un innamorato.

The second Napolitano proverb in Italian would translate to something like this:
Quando una donna tiene a farsi vedere in giro sempre bene ordinata ed imbellettata quasi certamente a casa sua è sciatta e trasandata.

In English the first one would translated to this:
A beautiful woman always has a lover

And the final one in English would translate as follows:
When a woman wishes to be seen around almost always well-ordered and made-up her home is certainly sloppy and careless.



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