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Written by Larry Aiello   
Saturday, 03 August 2013 16:13

So earlier in the year I published my book called 37 Ways to Learn the Italian Language. I thought of as many ways to learn Italian as I could at the time and published the book which is available on Amazon as a kindle book and a hard-copy.

I know there are probably over 100 ways to effectively learn a language but I came up with the best ones that I thought would give a future language learner the best bang for the buck.

So now I have a dilemma because FIAT motor company, with their clever marketing campaign, just made me realize there is another way to learn the Italian language: Purchase a FIAT!

That means I probably have to revise my book and change the title ;-)

Check out the funny video. When you purchase a FIAT it will not only come equipped with steering wheel, brakes, gas pedal, etc. but also included are some backseat Italians dispensing gossip and advice. Che bello! The video implies you will become Italianized just by purchasing the Italian automobile. You have to give FIAT some credit they are trying to re-establish themselves as a credible brand using celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and creative and funny advertising like this video below. At the end of the video the couple is even speaking in Italian! This is hysterical - in Italian the words used to describe when something is super funny or hysterical would be che risate!

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0 #2 Addicted2Italy 2013-08-07 01:34
Hi Franco,

Thanks for replying. Yes, I agree that is a funny video and it really portrays some nuances of Italian culture.

Have a great day!

+2 #1 Franco Arcieti 2013-08-06 23:20
Che risate for sure! that was one of the funniest videos i ever seen. tx for sharing.


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